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         I'm the only Justin Hospie on the planet, pleased to meet you and I look forward to booking your unique shoot! I have an awesome and generally exuberant son named 'Jaxon'. In my gear bag I have 2 cameras I shoot with named Canon (5DMK3 & 7D). During the weekdays I work at the 6th best place to work in Austin. With the remaining hours in my day(s) I'm enthusiastic about making my son giggle, working as a hired freelance photographer, taking part in spontaneous or planned off-road adventures in my 4x4 Toyota, traveling to new places, being sociable, observing the weather, and even occasionally eating and sleeping!   Therefore I'm #NeverBored.

       Enough about me  as I'd sincerely love the opportunity to get to know you better and talk about how I can help you accomplish your photographic desires for any projects & events in the near or distant future!        

        Please fill out the short form to the left with any questions, comments or concerns and I will follow up via e-mail within 24 hours!