2014 Q4 Recap. Make more moves, make less announcements. by Justin Hospie


F1 Weekend at the W

An automotive marketing shoot for Fly Rides

Surprise company photo for our teams working the holidays

Show & Tell Magazine Launch with musical guest Magna Carda.

Austin Maternity Photoshoot followed up by a Family Holiday Portrait shoot

This is why you look both ways crossing an intersection, kids.



As I was heading home a careless driver ran a red light , t-boning my truck, causing it to slide and ultimately flip over,coming to rest on the driver's side.

Dec 2014 - Portraits & Parties

After my accident, which I was fortunate to walk away from with only minor bruising, next was my birthday 4 days later,  a shoot that weekend to capture the beautiful Patel family at home, my Son's first birthday, a trip to Michigan, and a 1200 mile road trip from Charlotte, NC to Austin in my replacement ride to wrap up the year.


That brings the grand total to...

42,375 photos another 6,482 (and counting) on my iPhone. 2015 is here and just getting started, with an adventure trip to West Texas, and the 2015 SXSW Music Festival coming up, its time to start thinking..."when we look back, how will we remember that?".  I hope to work with you soon!