Thats what they're made for... by Justin Hospie

A Hill Country Birthday

 This past weekend I had the honor of attending one of the more non-conventional [for a native New Yorker] approaches of celebrating a birthday. In honor of the birthday girl, we were to meet at and spend the night camping at Pace Bend Park,  just outside of Austin, Texas. After being chatted up by the gate keeper and receiving the 'primitive camping' parking pass we made our way through the gates...

     My mother instilled in me that its "Better to have and not need, than to need and not have" and therefore after arriving with my girlfriend, 6 person tent, queen sized air mattress, electric extension cord. camera gear, mountain bike and SUV full of other miscellaneous supplies, we were off to take advantage of what 'nature' had to offer. 

     #ThinkingDifferent. The flexibility in one's approach helps others to discover new perspectives; just like the birthday celebration out doors. Just like photography. 

     I did manage to use the extension cord to air up a few mattresses,  the camera gear for my first attempt at capturing the Milky Way, the truck to navigate down little closer to the lake shore for an idea sunset shot....(Ok we could've walked it but its overdue for a dirt bath), and even snuck in a cool morning bike ride.   

Here are a few of the images that made the cut from this weekend's adventure. Looking forward to getting further out next time, experiencing another new path and keeping an Open Mind.

Sunset/Moonrise  at Mudd Cove over looking Lake Travis

The Milky Way

The Milky Way

Doing what the T4R does best [Posing off road:p ]